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complete policy pack


This Policy Pack provides you with the policy documents you will need for your business in one easy download. All policies are drafted in the same clear and practical language that means all employees will be clear on both the company process and company expectations.

Polices Pack includes individual policies on:-

✔ Absence Management
✔ Bribery
✔ Disciplinary and Capability
✔ Equal Opportunities
✔ Grievance
✔ Harassment & Bullying
✔ Holiday
✔ Maternity & Family Friendly
✔ Redundancy
✔ Social Media
✔ Whistleblowing

Our policies are clear, practical and built for business. They are not too long, jargon-free and up to date. Ready for you to use and downloadable today!

Written for busy businesses that need affordable, clear and usable policies that managers will use and understand. Our simple and clear for all staff to follow with no-nonsense language makes them easy to follow.

Drafted for businesses that want to act.

Buy – The policies you want or buy the bundle for a bargain price.

Add – Training for your management team to build their skills

Add – Advice line support for your business