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disciplinary and capability policy


This document outlines policies governing employee behaviour and performance, providing practical guidance on managing workplace issues. It’s a vital resource for ensuring a productive and professional work environment.

We’ve crafted a practical policy document that supports businesses when dealing with poor performance and misconduct issues. The policy includes detailed sections covering all aspects of these matters, providing you with a comprehensive support system to handle such challenges easily:-

✔ Informal action
✔ How issues are investigated
✔ Being accompanied
✔ How formal meetings are conducted
✔ Warnings and dismissal
✔ Making an appeal
✔ Misconduct and Gross misconduct defined

We offer clear, practical policies designed for businesses. Short, jargon-free and up-to-date, they’re ready for download today! Our policies cater to managers who require affordable, usable and elaborate policies. It’s simple and straightforward enough for all staff, with language that makes it easy to follow.

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