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Redundancy Policy


This policy document outlines a process for handling redundancies—specifically, consultation, meetings, selection and ensuring the company can manage sensitive issues ensuring fairness throughout a challenging time.

This detailed policy document outlines the company’s redundancy process and presents a clear, concise consultation structure for employees and management.


the policy includes sections on:-

✔ Policy overview

✔ Steps to avoid redundancies

✔ The company’s process of redundancy

✔ Selection criteria

✔ Suitable alternative employment

✔ Staff consultation

✔ Making an appeal


Having good policies is a key step in an effective and well-run company. Without good policies, businesses are at risk.


Litigation – the costs and distraction of litigation make good policy necessary for any modern business.

Control – Businesses with clear and simple policies and processes operate more effectively than those companies that have complex or no policies in place

Decisions – Managers that do not have the tools to support them in running departments and carrying out their responsibilities make poor decisions

Performance – Good systems enable employees and their managers to operate more effectively, and this will improve the overall performance of the company


Our policies are clear, practical and built for business. They are not too long, jargon-free and up-to-date. Ready for you to use and downloadable today!

Written for busy businesses that need affordable, clear and usable policies that managers will use and understand. They are also simple and clear for all staff to follow.